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January 30th, 2013 jrspad16

Second Semester is here, and I am back. Unfortunately, I suffered a pretty serious concussion in November and had to go home to recover. After about 72 seconds of that, I was bored and eager to get back to HC. Well two months later, I am finally back.

I couldn’t believe how much support and accommodations the Holy Cross staff offered me during my come back. I was able to finish all of my classes by the end of winter break due to the guidance of my professors, and my class dean [Dean Paco]. Well done HC, well done.

Now that the concussion is behind me, I’m ready to get back out there and experience all that HC has to offer. I’m really loving my classes this semester [Montserrat, ASL, Philosophy, Social Psych], and I’m getting more involved in different club and activities on campus.

I’m stoked to be back! I’ll post soon with all the details of my latest adventures.



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