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April 24th, 2013 jrspad16

Wow time flies! I can hardly believe my first year is almost over. Things are pretty crazy around here, as the semester is coming to a close but for the first time in my life, I am not longing for summer time.

Around this time of year, my old high school teachers could be found tossing little pieces of chalk, waving in my direction, or trying any number of things to rip my attention away from the beauty that was just outside my classroom windows. However, Holy Cross is so tremendously beautiful on its own, that for the first time I am not aimlessly starring out a window, glassy eyed with a puddle of drool and all.

A lot has happened since my last post, so I will condense 3 months of densely packed college life into a short bulleted list.

-I applied for a position as a RA and got it! So next year I’ll be posting from Wheeler Hall [another freshman dorm] rather than Mulledy.

-I have gotten a lot more involved with the Ballroom Dance Team here at HC since my last post and am going to be the Publicist on the E-board next year. I have a partner and all; we’re actually competing at M.I.T this Sunday and are going to own the floor.

-I’ve decided to pursue American Sign Language past the required 2 semesters and make it my minor. It’s funny how these things go; a year ago I was dreading taking a language and now I am minoring in one.

There are a lot of other, less important things that have happened to me this semester. I injured my wrist because I insisted that work boots could still be worn in the spring [I was wrong, they cannot be]


I discovered an AWESOME elevator that cuts my mountain hiking time in half. And I made the horrible decision of starting “Game of Thrones” right before finals [DON’T DO IT, I repeat, don’t start “Game of Thrones” unless you want to turn pasty white and never see the sun again]. All in all though, it’s been a great semester. I’ll post soon with pictures of this gorgeous campus.



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